The Vets1Laser Triwave 45W is now our most powerful and advanced model.

The VETS1LASER Triwave is our latest addition. It provides you with the 3 best wavelengths for all types of Laser Therapy.  

You still get everything you need to do Laser Therapy on a wide range of Species and conditions at an introductory price of:

$23,900 + GST(AU)


€14,700+ VAT(Ireland)

£12,500 + VAT (UK)

Triwave Treatment screen

Main Features

45 Watts Max Output

The VETS1Laser Triwave 45W is one of the world’s best value high power Laser Therapy devices. The huge 45W capability will suffice for >99% of treatment requirements, even for very large animals or large off contact delivery. 

Higher power, shorter treatment time, faster recovery.

High Power Optimal Therapeutic Wavelengths

The VETS1Laser Triwave 45W provides 810/980/1064nm at 15W for every wavelength to meet your needs for almost every conceivable treatment.

Enormous Colour Touch Screen

Full color high resolution 10 inches 800x1280 LCD panel. The extra-large viewing area provides a smooth, quick and effortless touch experience, while guaranteeing reliability, readability and safety. The screen brightness can be customized and adjusted for each operating environment.

Full Set Of Accessories

The Vets1Laser Triwave 45W is supplied with a full Set of accessories which make it available for multiple therapy treatments. Its accessories include zoom therapy head 15-30mm, bio-stimulation heads(3mm and 7mm), safety goggles, foot pedal etc, providing you with a convenient one-stop experience.

Technique Specification
Product Model Vets1Laser Triwave 45W
Laser Type GaAlAs Diode
Laser System Class IV
Wavelength 810/980/1064nm ±10nm
Peak Power 45W
CW Power 40W
Operation Mode CW or Repeat Pulses
Pulse Duration 10us-10s
Repetition Rate 0.2Hz-50KHz
Aiming Beam 650nm, Power<5mW
Control Mode True Color Touch Screen (10 inches, resolution 800*1280)
Power Supply 100V-240V~at 1.3-0.6A
Rechargeable Lithium Battery Nil
Dimensions 243(W)*276(W)*158(H)mm
Weight 4.5KG
Vets1Laser Logo Colour RGB-05


Frequently Asked Questions

The Vets1Laser M is available in Black only.

The Vets1Laser Triwave cannot be operated with an internal battery.

Yes, Goggles are included for 3 technicians/owners and a small and large animal goggle set. If you require more they can be added on to your order.

Treatment can be provided for animals ranging from rodents to horses and even larger. Coat colour is not a problem in treatment and fur does NOT have to be clipped!

Your Vets1Laser Triwave is built to your specific requirements after receiving your deposit. You can expect delivery within 3-4 weeks from that date.

The full cost of Vets1Laser includes a full set of components and accessories that you need to do a variety of Therapy procedures on many different animals.


We believe that this is an extraordinarily competitive price for a machine of this type.

Click HERE to see our latest brochure(and download it)

We can also put you in contact with a Finance company to enable you to OWN your Vets1laser for a very reasonable monthly instalment.

Unfortunately we cannot provide a demo machine for you to try but we are happy to join you in a video presentation so that we can explain the uses and functions of the Vets1Laser Triwave and re-assure you that it works easily and effectively.

Although we would still call this system a cold laser, it does warm tissue to the touch so it includes training as part of the package to ensure maximum safety. Because this system is so intuitive, This training will be as long as you like but averages about 30 minutes and is done over the phone or Video call. This system is so intuitive that most users master the basic operation in just a few therapy sessions.

Triwave Species selection