Our Vets1Laser Team

At Vets1Laser the company owners are highly experienced Veterinary Surgeons, both  having owned a Veterinary practice in Australia for many years.

Dr Mark and Dr Aine are strong believers in continuous education and attend conferences and seminars on a regular basis. Both have a wide variety of interests and skills within the wider Veterinary profession and Veterinary industry

Mark Weingarth BVSc

Director and Sales

Dr Mark has worked in Companion Animal Practice for many years and is currently concentrating on the adoption within the Veterinary Profession of Laser Therapy. He has used and distributed the Vets1Laser for many years and is an ideal mentor for anyone wishing to start using Laser Therapy as an additional Pain and Healing modality in their Practice.

Aine Seavers MVB MRCVS

Director and Sales

Dr Aine is the one of the most peer-reviewed published general practitioners in Australia and has written and published several World-first Veterinary papers. Dr Aine has presented lectures to Veterinary surgeons in Australia and has been invited to lecture overseas as well. You can read more about Dr Aine by clicking on the Book Icon above.

Aoife Weingarth

Marketing Consultant