Why I First Purchased A Veterinary Laser Therapy Machine

Over many years, Dr Aine wrote and published well over 100 clinical articles for Sydney University’s Centre for Veterinary Education quarterly publication: Control and Therapy. One of the most popular of these articles was an article documenting Dr Aine’s initial decision to investigate and then implement photobiomodulation/laser therapy into her own veterinary practice. Many vets wrote back of their appreciation of being able to access such knowledge that then, in turn, helped them start on their own veterinary laser therapy journey. We have republished the article in full here now and hope all our new Vets1laser readers now get to benefit from the knowledge shared.¬†


If any vet or therapist would like some more spin-free, weasel word-free, fake claim-free re the origin of the machines, information about Veterinary laser therapy then the experienced veterinary team at Vets1laser is more than happy to discuss the therapy with you.

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