Vets1Laser at VetExpo 2023

Vets1laser: Australia’s Only Vet-To-Vet Direct Medical Laser Company!
Come See Us Next Month At Booth D62 At The Melbourne 2023 Veterinary Expo.
Our Australian veterinary family owned business offers outright purchase options across our range of machines, along with lease purchase options.
If you are interested in purchasing a top quality laser machine, then join our growing band of Australian (& European) veterinary users.
You will enjoy experiencing our highly qualified Australian Veterinarians share their inter/intra-species variation knowledge to train you and your vet staff in the safest and smartest ways to utilize your new Class 4 laser machine in your Australian vet practice.
Avoid the treatment pitfalls of lay trainers extrapolating human laser knowledge across onto our veterinary patients. Instead have the backup of Dr. Aine Seavers and Dr. Mark Weingarth’s broad veterinary knowledge base to assist you in safely integrating Laser/PBM therapy into your veterinary practice.
Dr. Aine and Dr. Mark are always available for information or support via contact numbers as shown or via our website contact page.

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