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Laser/PBMT for The Athletic Animal

Laser/ PBMT for Injury Risk Reduction in The High-Performance Animal Athlete.

In addition to treating pain and inflammation, Laser/PBMT can assist in preventing inflammation and pain and help support performance.
In the canine athlete, a Laser session the day before and the night of a demanding day event can prove beneficial. A treatment session the day before allows the body to respond to the positive sequence of events intrabody that occur with PBMT and opens access to the ergogenic benefits of the therapy.

A post-event treatment session provides anti-inflammatory benefits to the body structures that underwent high intensity and heavy workload during the athletic event, thereby speeding recovery and reducing the risk of an undetected injury being overlooked. 

However, Laser/PBMT is not a therapy tool that should be used to rush an injured animal back into competition. Healing takes time and all animals should be given the time to heal in peace.

Studies in human athletes have shown that PBMT has proven benefits as an ergogenic aid to therapeutic exercise; which translates into longer before you hit exercise-induced muscle fatigue, less muscle damage, and an increase in achievable muscle repetitions during exercise.
Post-exercise, PBMT can help prevent muscle soreness and pain after excess exercise, facilitates post-exercise recovery, and supports and fastens the healing of an injured muscle.
Age was not a limiting factor, indeed the older the cohort, the greater the relative response to PBMT.
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