Iliopsoas-The Great Impersonator

There is a need to emphasise that many of those ‘arthritis’ dogs that have stopped responding to their anti-arthritis and pain relief medications are often not only afflicted by bone and/or joint pain.
Rather, these patients tend to have concurrent lumbar muscle dysfunction, especially involving the Iliopsoas muscle and often bilaterally. This type of muscular pain is less responsive to classic analgesic drug medication.
This cohort of cases do not need yet more drug medication therapies added to their treatment regime, but rather the addition of a therapy that directly addresses the muscular issue.
Laser/ PBMT is an appropriate drug-free therapy to provide additional analgesia and anti-inflammatory action for this group of patients.
The link below is a link we like to use with our Veterinary Clients when explaining this particular disease presentation in their pets.

CanineWorks-Ilipsosoas: The Troublemaker

Cover Photo by courtesy of Ffire Photography

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