Finally, Some Good News For Cows !


Dairy Vets: Did you know that Laser/PBM therapy attenuates Mastitis and hence beautifully compliments the Global Drive to restore mammary health in Food Production Animals without the use of antibiotics? Previous publications showed that PBMT aided restoration of mammary health without the need to recourse to antibiotic use. PBMT lowered the incidence of subclinical mastitis.

PBMT also aids in preventing an increase in the size of teat hyperkeratosis lesions in cows.

In Lab animals, PBMT reduced polymorphonuclear cells in the mammary alveolus and reduced myeloperoxidase activity, which is a marker for mastitis.

A 2024 paper on Bovine sub-clinical mastitis, reported a decrease in the bacteria count, no changes in the milk composition, and all without generating residues in the milk.

The benefits to the animal are a reduction in pain by anĀ  increase both in blood supply and lymphatic drainage, a reduction in oedema, and an increased milk let-down.

The important benefit of this tool in the management of mastitis for the farmer is that one avoids the bad economics of long withdrawal times and unavoidable culling.

The reduction in the Somatic Cell Count and improved milk quality is of economic benefit to farmers both in an immediate sense regarding sustained high-quality milk sales etc but also on the potential future sale value of the progeny of animals coming from a persistently low SCC herd.

PBMT is also used as an adjunct treatment for hoof ailments and general skin lesions etc

If you are interested in attenuating the pain and loss of production by using a gentle, but powerful treatment, that additionally has Zero withholding times, contact our Vets at Vets1laser to discuss your interest.

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