Ditch the Dress-ups

Ditch the Dress-ups-no matter how cute the patient might look.

When it comes to laser therapy, it’s all about ditching the patient’s drapes, the dressings, and the dress-ups for the duration of the therapy session.

The Grothuss-Draper Principle states that only light which is absorbed by a system can bring about a photochemical reaction. Energy directed at the patient’s body through the material will be wasted as there are no photoreceptors in the material for a biological effect to be caused by the light. The material may neutralise the light but equally, if the material is metallic or shiny, it could dangerously reflect the laser light. Either way, energy will be lost and treatment outcomes will be suboptimal.

Please remove clothing, bandages, and casts before attempting to apply PBM therapy to that area.

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